Photos AQ2

Photo's by Roger Zellmer of fire wood tree felling expedition in Clearwater NF

Tree number two is a specimen of more respectable size.
Lumberjack Bruce will show us how to fell this tree in record time with his trusty Hasquvarna.
His partners stepping back, are showing some fear.
This tree was quite brittle breaking up some on contact with the ground.
Joe's Stihl saw is making chips now
Time to start loading the truck up with the spoils.
Scarlet is no slouch when it comes to hauling firewood.
Can you believe it, 4 rounds at a time.
Perfect dry small sized rounds
Filled up Joe's new Toyota pickup to the max.
Bruce and Tim practicing teamwork.
can't talk myself into buying one of these saws yet.
Bruce looking for the endangered Goshawk raptor Joe and Scarlet saw the day before.

Last updated on January 11, 2009