Televue 85 Telescope

Televue 85 with Tele-Pod head with 2160 step setting cirles setup and precautions:


Mount and scope setup


Argo Navis Setup

Must set up can be done manually. The commands are show below:


A software program called Argonaut is provided on the CD for AN. To load it a computer with a rs232 output is required or usb to rs232 converter. A special rs232 cable is also required. It can be used to upgrade firmware and catalog items. It can also be used to up load asteroids, satellites, anc comet data. Full instructions are available in the AN manual, see link below. As there have been no recent updates I have not found it necessary so far to load the program. I have the cable but will have to buy a usb to rs232 converter available at StellarCat or WildCat see lingks below.



Argo Navis Use





AN manual

Argo Navis Yahoo Users Group

Argo Navis web site




Last updated on September 21, 2010