Shuangma 9101 Setup

Helicopter 9101 setup for the Double Horse Remote Control


Startup - Install antena on the Remote Conrol Transmitter. Turn Remote Control Transmitter on first. Next connect the battery plug to the fuselage and then press the fuselage switch to "ON" and then lay the fuselage on a flat level. It takes 5 seconds to finish the gyroscope check before ready to fly.


Quick - Slow Switch on left “SLOW” controls speed to beginner mode


Left stick up-down is prop speed, left-right is locked as this is only 3 channel controller.


Right stick up-down is forward/backward (controls tail propeller speed and direction) , left-right is the Jaw which makes it rotate left or right around the up-down center axis. (Very confusing as this is done by the left stick on most copters)


“All Trim switches” position to the center.


Charing the battery-
Do not charge battery if hot, let it cool down first. When charging the green light will flash. When the green light is steady it is done charging. It takes 2-4 hours. Do not leave it plugged into charger over night.


Flying Practice-

1. Fixed point revolving.

2. Rectangle flying

3. Circle flying.

4. Fixed point landing.

5. Figure 8 flying

Last updated on February 28, 2013