Print Processing Work Flow

Steps for Printing on my Home Canon MP620 ink jet printer


Step 1 Prepare an SRGB document for the correct size. Soft proof in photoshop CS5 using the MP620 series GL2/SG2 device. Correct the photo as necessary to look good using a duplicate image and soft proofing in CS5. Check gamut & paper also.

Step 2 Set up Adobe print using; Photoshop manages Color; Printer profile uses SRGB; Relative Colormetric checked; Black point checked.


Step 3 Select proper paper size and type on printer setup using the printer menu. Leave Photoshop manages only on and be SURE to disable the Printer control.


I use "Canon Pro II" paper for the MP620 ink jet printer. Consider using some Red River Green Pix recycled paper some time.


Steps for Printing at Costco Fenton Way on the Noritsu 3411 printer using glossy paper.

Step 1 Prepare an Adobe1998 RGB document to look as good as possibe and crop per table below:


4x6 crop to 1200 px x 1800 px at 300 dpi

5x7 crop to 1500 px x 2100 px at 300 dpi

8x10 crop to 2400 px x 3000 px at 300 dpi
8x12 crop to 2400 px x 3600 px at 300 dpi

11x14 crop to 3300 px x 4200 px at 300 dpi

12x18 crop to 3600 px x 5400 px at 300 dpi


My 7d camera's maximum size is 5184 x 3456 so my maximum size will be 17.28 x 11.52 at 300 dpi.

My point and shoot Sonny DSC T200 size is 3264 x 2448 so my maximum size will 10x8 at 300 dpi.


Step 2 Make a duplicate of above file. Display both side by side. Do soft proofing in CS5 on the duplicate file. It may look different. Adjust duplicate as necessary to match the original. Check gamut mode to make sure no bits are out of range. Next using the duplicate file convert to printer profile of Costco Fenton way and then save as a 8 bit jpg file. It may look completely different now (as it has been modified to look good on a Noritsu 3411 printer), but do not edit this file. If it needs more modification, start over.


Step 3 Up load the jpg photo file to Costco and remember to uncheck "auto correct" which is near the end of the ordering process where the store location is selected. This can also be set as your defaults for future orders. This is required for Costco to use the Noritsu 3411 color profile.


Last updated on February 27, 2013