Meghan Irish Terrier


Diary of my pick up of my new Irish Terrier puppy in March, 2002.

3/29/2002  Picked up the Irish Terrier Puppy today from Jeanene MacDonald in Glendora California. We name her Meghan and she weights 9.5 #’s. I picked the smallest and most docile puppy. Jeanene taught me how to glue Meghan’s ears so they hang correctly. Each gluing last 3 weeks. She requires ear gluing until she is done teething at about 6 months. Meghan had no problem in the car and slept most of the time during our return to San Diego. Explored her new back yard and got acquainted with Misty the cat. Both Misty and Meghan are on extreme alert when in each others presence. Meghan slept fine in her crate next to our bed last night. Removed the tape from her ears this morning. All is well so far and we are really enjoying the little red darling.


0/06/14 This has been a very bad day as Meghan went for a walk today with Linda down to the park and game back winded and breathing rapidly. I looked up on the internet about what could be causing this and most of them were serious. Linda talked me into taking her to the Animal Emergency Clinic in Poway. They did x-rays and found a tumor on her spline. The Vet said there is no way to test if it was malignant, but most likely it was. We both sadly decided to bring Meghan home tonight for the last time and take her into our regular Vet Dr. Kelley to be put down tomorrow morning.


10/07/14 Meghan was feeling a little better this morning after the pain injection shot she got last night. We took her to Dr. Kelly about 9:30am. He wanted us to keep her alive for perhaps 3-5 months, but we decided that this would not be good for Meghan or us. We said our sad good byes and had doctor kelley put her too sleep. A very sad day in my life as I loved that dog.

Meghan Irish Terrier

The Irish Terrier Dog Breed

Description:                 This tall terrier has bushy eyebrows and a bearded muzzle. Irish Terriers have a flat skull and a powerful jaw. Their thick wiry coat is one solid color either golden, wheaten or red.

Country of Origin:     Ireland

Height:                           about 18 inches (43 cm.)

Weight:                          25-27 pounds (11-12 kg.)

Colors:                            Irish Terriers may be red, golden, or wheaten.

Coat:                                The Irish Terrier has a wiry coat that is non-shedding and easy to maintain.

Temperament:            Not only do Irish Terriers love to play with children, but he will guard them ruthlessly if required. Irish Terriers are dog-aggressive and will not back down from a fight, and therefore must be trained and kept on a leash when out in public. Irish Terriers are bold and adventurous but also have hot-fiery tempers.

Health Concerns:       Irish Terriers are generally a healthy breed.

Life Expectancy:        About 12-15 years.

Living Environment:Irish Terriers can do well in an apartment but require sufficient exercise to be happy. In public they must be kept on a leash with a firm handler.

AKC Group:
                  Terrier Group

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