MCX2 Blade Setup

Helicopter MCX2 setup for the DX6i

Switch on right front “AIL D/R” controls speed, 0=low 55% speed, 1=high 100%, 35% expo on rudder expo.


Left stick up-down is prop speed, left-right horiz is the tail spin/yaw


Right stick up-down is forward/backward, left-right is roll left and right


Switch “Throttle cut” the Timer count up - press once to turn on - press again to pause - press and hold for 3 seconds to reset or cycle the power.


Binding -
Start with power off on the DX-6i and the MCX2. Make sure all switches on the DX-6i are in forward safe position except the “speed switch” which should be positioned to minium. Power up the MCX2 by plugging in the fresh battery. Next on the DX6i hold the “Trainer switch” forward and turn the “power switch” on, holding both switches for about 10 seconds until the copter red led light turns on. Release both switches and the plane should be ready to fly.

Last updated on February 27, 2013