Photos by Roger

Date: 11/3/2007
Location: Tierra Del Sol, Calif
Conditions: 0% moon, seeing 2/10, transparency 4/10, temperature 59 F
Telescope: C8, .63 focal reducer, prime focus, no diagonal, 40mm extension tube.
Mount: Losmandy G11, Gemini goto, polar scope used to align
Guiding: None
Camera: The Image Source DMK21AF04 with Lumicon LRGB filter tray
Focusing: Manual using IC Capture live view on laptop.
Exposures: 333 frame AVI each of -IR-red-green-blue with Astronomic filters using IC Capture, (0) darks, (0)flats
Processing: Registax, standard align and stack each of 4 avi's saved in TIF, used Images Plus to align 4 TIF LRGB frames, Images Plus 2.82 to composite LRGB using the Auto Color feature, Photoshop CS was used for final processing.

Comments: This is my 2nd try to do planet image using the mono camera with color filters and LRGB processing. The seeing was really bad and I was lucky to get this. I can actually see the polar caps in this image.
11/3/2005 CalSky simulation view for this date.
12/21/2005 Home in driveway at San Diego, Steve Ritter's LX200gps, 8", Toucan Pro 840K, prime focus, 500 frame AVI captured using K3CCD, processed in Registax align, stack, wavelets and Photoshop CS using levels unsharp mask. The seeing was 4/10, Transparency erratic 4/10.
11/29/2005 Exact same info as below except reprocessed using Registax wavelets 1 & 2 which brought out more detail even the southern polar cap. I did also zoom in 150% and rotated slightly to put polar cap on the bottom. I am very happy with improvement of this processing. on 12/13/05 I brought this into Images Plus and lowered the red color balance from where it was, did some smoothing and sharpening all of which really improved the detail big time.
11/29/2005 Backyard San Diego, Celestron SCT, 8" OTA-CF", Toucan Pro, 140 frame AVI captured using K3CCD, stacked in Images Plus 2.7 beta, processed in Photoshop CS using levels, hue, & unsharp mask. The seeing was extremely bad, 3 on 10 point scale. Clouds were also blocking the view. Need to use the 2.5 or 5 Powermate next time.

Last updated on April 12, 2009