Meghan 2002 Puppy photos

I love to stretch in the morning.
Hay Mom when are you going to fill this dish?
The morning after an operation (spaying) is brutal.
Hay Misty cat. Sure, your real brave after I just had major surgery.
My pug friend at puppy school graduation.
My Golden Retriever and Maltese Poodle friends at puppy school.
These two Pugs owned by the instructor at puppy school were obsessed with their owner and made the rest of us look bad.
This Pug was afraid of me at puppy school. I could make him run with just a glance.
Puppy School graduation group shot on 6/18/2002
My pug friend right after graduation.
Here I am with my human daddy right after puppy school graduation on 6/18/2002. The best part of puppy school was playing with the other dogs.
Here I am with Lydia my puppy school instructor. She could make me do almost anything before I knew I was doing it!!!!!
12/4/2002 Meghan at home on Linda's lap
8/1/2002 Meghan and I on the St. Joe River area of Idaho.

Last updated on November 4, 2014